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26th Annual Green Valley/
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Oct. 18-19, 2019

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500 Wins!

NIAA Win #500!

Congratulations to GVHS Head Coach Erin Hill as she captured her 500th NIAA career victory in 2016!

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9th Annual Dig Pink Night!
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Green Valley Gators vs
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The Gators had to settle for a State Runner-Up finish after being defeated by Spanish Springs in 4 tough sets.
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Varsity: 33-5 (10-0 League)

Junior Varsity: 24-3 (10-0 League)

B-Team: 20-8 (8-2 League)

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Over 20 Years of Gator Volleyball

View photos from the First Annual Alumni Volleyball Match, read Coach Hill's retrospective on the early years of Gator Volleyball, and see the list of alumni who advanced to the collegiate level:

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20 Years of Gator Volleyball



Green Valley High School
Women's Volleyball

20 Years of Gator Volleyball
A Retrospective — The Early Years (1991-1996)
By Head Coach Erin Hill

20 Year LogoHow does one begin to recap twenty years of great memories? I’m certainly not sure but here are a few stories that do bring a smile and welcome memories of the past whenever I think about them. First and foremost, it is the memory of the first women’s varsity volleyball team here at GVHS. I was hired in February and Mr. Johnston, principal of GVHS, had conveyed to me that the gym would be ready by June 1, 1991 but I should have a back-up plan just in case. A friend of mine taught Physical Education at Woodbury Junior High and said we could use the gym to run our summer intramural program if needed. Well, we ran the summer intramural program out of Woodbury the entire summer and on the first day of school when only the auxiliary gym was ready, we had approximately 140 very anxious young ladies ready to make their mark on our school. When tryouts were over, Mr. Mike West, our Athletic Administrator, walked in all smiles and asked us how it was going. Seriously, I thought I was going to cry. We had 140 kids for tryouts, no gym, two net systems and about 20 balls. Our coaching staff looked at each other and said, “It’s going GREAT!!!” That was the tone of the first season. No matter what the odds, we were going to be a GREAT program because that’s what we were choosing to be. The varsity team worked in the back gym from 2pm until whenever they decided to stop. It was not unusual for that team to practice until 6pm. They were determined to be GREAT and just because we were a brand new school, that was not going to hinder their performance. That team set the standard for all teams to follow. Nothing less than your very best was going to be acceptable.

The ’91 team was undefeated in league play, finished 3rd at the Zone Tournament and 3rd at the State Tournament and will forever be remembered in my mind as the team who started the movement of Gator Volleyball and “It’s A Team Thing!!!”

And now, forward we go! In ’92 we were in a preseason tournament at Cheyenne High School and we had made it to the final match. I believe the score was 12-all in the third game and the opposing coach called a timeout. The team was so excited as we were just three points away from winning this tournament — our first tournament championship. Anyway, the excitement in the team huddle was incredible and when I asked what we were saying, no one could really grasp anything. Andrea Clark turned and faced the huddle and said, “Just say WIN!!!!” And win they did!!! I saw that picture recently and just smiled….Just say WIN!!!! Fairly simple indeed.

Now the ’93 group was pretty special. That year, the B-Team finally got to start practicing on a “REAL” net and not on the PE nets anymore as we raised enough money in our firework booth fundraiser to purchase a third system. The fourth system would come as a special gift from Mr. Johnston and the school, but that’s another story for another time. Anyway, our team captain, Andrea Clark, had told me at the beginning of the year that she was going out her senior year as a State Champion and her hope was that the team would also join her. Yep, good idea to me, for sure, but I was not sure how realistic this was. We had been senior-laden the year before and were a VERY young and inexperienced group with the exception of a few players. Our nemesis that year was Cheyenne High School. They clearly were the team to beat, and frankly, we had lost to them seven times that season when Andrea approached me three days after our Zone Championship loss to Cheyenne and I as I recollect, the conversation went something like this, “Coach, we need to take tomorrow off from practice and go to a movie.” Now, I will say, I trusted Andrea immensely but I thought she had lost her marbles. “Andrea, we have just two days left to prepare for the State Tournament and you want to go see a movie?" “Yes, coach. I believe it will be good for our team.” “And what movie are we going to go see?” “Rudy, coach.” “What is that?” “You don’t need to know, you just need to trust me on this one.” I did, because I truly believe that it’s the kids’ team and I am just a facilitator and if the team captain said we need to see Rudy, then we would. We took the next day off and went to see Rudy.

We all cried and laughed and cried some more, as we all hoped and believed he would fulfill his dream, we were also bonding as a team. That year in the state tournament — yes just two days later — we beat Cheyenne High School for the first time in eight meetings to send us into the final against Gorman. We were coming through the losers bracket as it was a double elimination tournament and we beat Gorman in back to back matches for the first Women’s Volleyball State Championship at Green Valley High School. During the match, the kids were chanting RUDY, RUDY, RUDY because it was ten o’clock at night and we were still playing, still jumping, still believing in the team and the enormous effort that had gone into that season, still trusting in each other to get the job done. I personally will never forget that first State Title. We tried to get the real-life Rudy to come to our banquet that year but he still lived in South Bend. We were able to speak with him and to convey what his story had meant to our team. When Rudy moved to Henderson, he made it a point to come and speak with our team for the next four years just prior to our Zone and State Tournaments.

Time passed, a couple of years flew by, and it was the 1995 season. It’s another banner year for the Gators and we have only three seniors on the team but they were a dominating threesome. Erin Burch, Leslie Markling, and Allison Schnitzer. All three were extremely gifted and talented athletes. Leslie and Allison were on the ’93 State Championship team and were aiming for a second but Chaparral would be a force to contend with that year. We were up 14-0 in the second game of the final match when Les hit it out of bounds. She went up to our setter, Krista Gronert and in no uncertain terms, told her, SET ME THE BALL!!! No setter in their right mind was not going to set Les the next ball. She put it down at about the three meter line, we got the ball back and Allison, Leslie, and Erin put up a huge block to end it all with a final score of 15-1 and GVHS would get to hang a second green State Championship banner.

The 1996 season was to be one that I will always remember. In fact, this team is part of my greatest memory of Gator Volleyball and not because the kids won a third state title. You see, this team was not favored that year — it was all Durango — but you don’t want to ever count the Gators out because they’ve got IT!!!! What is “IT?” Well, that’s for you in your heart to decide but the Gators knew that flying together was what would get the job done and nothing less. We learned the lessons of the “geese” that season and I personally have applied those lessons to my life on a daily basis since. We were in Reno on our way to our first match at Galena High School and it was dusk. We were on the freeway and Krista came to the front of the bus, “Coach, Coach, look on the horizon….Do you see?" Yes, it was a flock of geese flying in a “V” formation. It was amazing and when we got off the bus at Galena High School the team locked arms with the Gator mascot leading the way in a “V” formation and they were “honking”. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears but this team was flying in a “V” formation into the gym. No one touched us that tournament and Mr. Johnston told me on the bus after the State Championship match that in his 35-plus years in education he had never witnessed a team as dominant at a state tournament as this team was. They were dominant in the belief of the team and the power of working together. I will never forget that moment. It was defining for all of us. TEAMWORK WORKS!!!!

— Head Coach Erin Hill

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